Solana current price is £31 58

However, the long wick on the January 3 candlestick and the long tail on the January 4 candlestick shows traders are booking profits at higher levels and buying on dips. This could keep the pair range-bound for a few days as the bulls and the bears try to dominate proceedings. If the bulls can push the price above £25,543.89, the up-move could resume with the next target objective at £31,399.

Your wallet may vary, but using your wallet’s network selector and connecting to the appropriate network will let you start trading on specific non-cross-chain protocols. For those looking to learn more about UniDex and crypto trading in general, the broker’s founder and CEO, Krunal Amin, streams live on Twitch. Here he has posted demos of UniDex to showcase its features, as well as other fun and educational videos. UniDex has a gas price or transfer fee, which is necessary to conduct a transaction across their extensive network. The current gas price is $43.40, though this varies and can be tracked on sites like Coingecko.

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If the Bitcoin price GBP breaks the 50-day SMA, it will signal a possible trend reversal. The flat 20-day EMA and the RSI just above the midpoint also suggest the bulls are losing their grip. This negative view will invalidate if the Bitcoin price GBP rebounds off £38,355 and the bulls push the pair above the downtrend line of the triangle. Such a move will invalidate the bearish pattern and could result in a retest of the all-time high. As the bearish divergence on the RSI warrants caution, we suggest traders remain on the sidelines until a new bullish setup form.

Bitcoin current price is $19,218.35.

Given that BTC’s volatility is much higher when compared to GBP on a long-term and daily basis, traders looking to trade the pair must focus on the price movements of BTC. Crypto investors must stay abreast with the news related to BTC, such as hard forks. Also, the overall approach of mainstream finance to both crypto and regulation will be crucial for both long-term and intraday trading of BTC/GBP. When holding the pair for the long-term, crypto traders must learn to stay calm when volatility lasts for the short-term. Bitcoin usually drops or rises 10% or higher during a day, or even higher over the week.

Alternatively, if the price rebounds off £29,000, the bulls will make one more attempt to clear the overhead hurdle at £32,400. We had mentioned in our previous analysis that if Bitcoin holds the next dip above £26,000, it will indicate a bottom formation and that is what happened. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Good product, arrived 3 days later than expected due to second class postage and lack of postal staff due to covid pinging.

However, the short-term traders may dump their positions if the bulls fail to sustain the bitcoin value gbp above £44,238. That may also encourage the aggressive bears to initiate short positions. A break below this support could start a deeper correction that could reach £36,777 and then £31,005. The Bitcoin price GBP has been clinging to the downtrend line for the past four days, which is usually a positive sign. If the bulls can propel and sustain the Bitcoin price GBP above the downtrend line, the pair may again rally to £28,000 and then to £30,000.

  • Similarly, Bitcoin’s value tends to drop when negative information around security, like exchanges getting hacked or cryptos stolen, dampen sentiment.
  • Contrary to this assumption, long positions may be avoided if the price breaks below the 20-day EMA.
  • The failure to rise above the resistance has attracted profit-booking.
  • The bulls will have to push the btc to gbp price above the downtrend line to signal a trend change.

This resulted in sharp selling by short-term traders and the price plunged below the 50-day SMA on April 18. Although the bulls purchased the initial dip, they have not been able to continue the recovery. The 50-day SMA, which had been acting as a major support, is now acting as a resistance. Selling continued on April 19 and the pair commenced its journey toward the next support at £36,777. This is an important support to watch out for because if it cracks, the selling could intensify and the pair may drop to £31,005.

Where Is The UNIDX Token Traded?

The bears are currently attempting to stall the relief rally at the 20-day EMA. If the price turns down from the current level and breaks below £41,931, the bears will once again try to challenge the 100-day SMA. The long tail on the day’s candlestick shows that bulls aggressively purchased the dip. But a minor negative is that buyers are struggling to sustain the bullish momentum at higher levels. The following statement concerning the financial condition the rate of $1,500 semi-annualy on March 1 and Sept. 1, 1911. In doing this, UniDex has become the heart of a massive web that has made trading DeFi and exchanging tokens easier than ever.

The 20-day exponential moving average has turned up and the relative strength index has jumped into the positive territory, indicating that bulls have the upper hand. The BTC/GBP pair could now pick up momentum and charge toward the 161.8% Fibonacci extension level of £56,174.25 and if this resistance is crossed, the next stop could be £60,249.98. Bitcoin plunged below the strong support of £41,931 on November 26 but a positive sign is that the bulls aggressively defended the 100-day simple moving average . The moving averages have completed a death cross and the relative strength index has dipped below 35, suggesting that bears have the upper hand. If sellers sink the price below £29,000, the BTC/GBP could start the next leg of the downtrend.

The deeper the decline, the longer it will take for the BTC/GBP pair to stage a recovery and challenge the all-time high. This negative view will invalidate if the pair climbs above the moving averages. Such a move could open the doors for a retest of the £44,238 to £47,240.05 overhead resistance zone. The moving averages have completed a bullish crossover and the RSI is in the positive territory, suggesting that bulls have the upper hand. If the BTC/GBP pair rebounds off the 20-day exponential moving average , the bulls will make one more attempt to clear the overhead hurdle at £31,005. This bullish view will invalidate if the btc to gbp price breaks below the 20-day EMA.

  • This negative setup could start the next leg of the downtrend, which may reach £15,000.
  • This is a risky counter-trend trade, hence, traders may keep a close stop-loss to protect their positions because if the £20,000 level cracks, the decline could extend to £15,000.
  • Hence, we are not recommending any fresh long positions at the current levels.
  • The pair could then attempt a rally to the 50-day simple moving average .

Bearish sentiment continued last week especially after Tuesday’s big sell off in the markets as Bitcoin once more came under heavy selling pressure. Contrary to this assumption, if the price rebounds off the current level and rises above the downtrend line, it will suggest that the selling momentum has weakened. The 50-day SMA has turned down and the relative strength index has been trading in the negative territory, indicating that bears are in control.


Neither can be considered as the best, though, as they both have their pros and cons and the ideal broker for you is subjective. All you require to begin using the UniDex exchange is a crypto wallet with more than the gas fee in it. However, you may require the native token to trade on certain exchanges. For example, if you are trading on the BSC main net, you may need BNB to trade any BEP20 token.

Will usually dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment. Depending on what you choose to mine, you can easily convert your earnings to any of these cryptocurrencies or even Fiat currencies using an exchange like Binance or Coinbase. Stocks you’ve viewed will appear in this box, letting you easily return to quotes you’ve seen previously.

  • This negative view will invalidate if the pair climbs above the moving averages.
  • The BTC/GBP pair dropped to the 20-day exponential moving average on February 14, which has acted as strong support.
  • The bulls will then again try to resume the uptrend by pushing the Bitcoin price GBP above the £41,795 to £44,238 overhead resistance zone.
  • The break above the 20-day EMA will be the first sign that the selling could be over and the bulls are back in command.

The long tail on the day’s candlestick shows that bulls are attempting to defend the level aggressively. The failure to rise above the resistance has attracted profit-booking. The bears will now try to pull the price to the strong support at £29,000. The BTC/GBP pair has been facing stiff resistance Price TrustPlus at £29,000 but a positive sign is that the bulls have not ceded ground. The 20-day simple moving average has flattened out and the relative strength index has jumped into the positive zone, indicating buyers a slight edge. The bulls will again attempt to drive the price above the overhead zone.


Bitfinex – Bitfinex is among the best crypto exchanges for experienced investors with a free mobile trading application and low fees. UniDex earns its revenue through trading fees and commissions charged to users. However, 50% of what it collects gets redistributed back to its token holders.

This suggests a change in sentiment from sell on rallies to buy on dips. If the price rises and sustains above the moving averages, the bulls will try to push the pair toward the resistance of the range. Alternatively, if the price breaks below £27,724.38, the bears will try to pull the pair toward the support of the range. Bitcoin price GBP bounced off the 20-day EMA on March 17 fizzled out at £43,125.98 on March 18.

Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm with an average transaction confirmation time of 10 minutes. The BTC/GBP pair features Bitcoin as well as UK’s fiat currency-GBP. As far as Bitcoin is concerned, it remains the leading crypto with nearly 50% market share. However, the crypto is highly volatile, and when it comes to trading the pair, much focus lies on the price movements of the cryptocurrency, which is much higher than that of GBP.

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The UniDex ecosystem features over 200 supported protocols, which connect traders with the best lending markets and yield optimisers, including Safestar and Safemoon. The broker is in good company and has access to the largest DEX, Uniswap. If this level breaks down, the selling momentum could pick up further and the BTC/GBP pair could plummet to £27,000. This bearish view will invalidate if bulls drive and sustain the price above the channel.

Such a move will suggest that supply exceeds demand and the sentiment could be turning negative. A break and close below the 20-day EMA could pull the price down to £38,257.06. This indicates that traders continue to buy on dips, anticipating a move higher. The rising moving averages and the relative strength index above 63 signals advantage to buyers.

Such a deep fall could delay the start of the next leg of the uptrend. We remain cautious and will wait for a decisive close above the overhead resistance before recommending any trades. The bullish momentum could pick up if bulls clear this overhead hurdle. The pair may then challenge the £48,426.53 to £51,000 resistance zone.

You should use the currency converter if you’re planning to buy, sell, or transfer any kind of currency. Whether going on holiday and working out exchange rates or trading forex, this calculator can help. Kraken – Kraken is a top-rated cryptocurrency trading exchange offering the largest tokens and altcoins by market cap. PlatformUniDex’s exchange platform is based on massive liquidity, with over 75 of the top liquidity pools from other DEXs aggregated under the same roof. When trading, their advanced liquidity engine is constantly re-evaluating prices while you are filling out the order. If a better price is found, the broker turns the rotary switch at the last minute, taking advantage of the enhanced trading conditions.

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A breakout and close above the 50-day SMA will clear the path for a stronger recovery that may reach the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at £33,902.53 and then £38,000. Conversely, if the price turns down and breaks below the 20-day EMA, it will suggest that traders are squaring their positions on rallies. Bitcoin has been trading between the 20-day exponential moving average and the horizontal support at £23,620 for the past few days. This tight range trading suggests a lack of urgency among traders to buy at the current levels.

Although the bulls pushed the xbt to gbp price above the 20-day exponential moving average on July 4, they could not clear the hurdle at the 50-day SMA. If bears pull the price below £23,620, the BTC/GBP pair could retest the critical support at £21,000. A break below £21,000 could result in panic selling and the xbt to gbp pair could plummet to £15,000. For instance, uncertainty related to Britain’s exit resulted in a massive decline in the pound’s value against its peers like EUR and USD.

Solana current price is £31 58

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